Inner Guidance

«Nobody goes to deep inner searching and finds out he is not good enough – we always find the opposite».

Amara Samata,
the founder of Inner Guidance Institute

Hope, you already know that all the answers you are seeking for are inside of you?

Inner Guidance is the most honest process to meet your own Truth leading you to reconnect with Yourself. It is a Deep Dive. This practice will help you to experience a full presence, to meet your truth in a very honest and genuine way.

Here i create all the necessary conditions for You to meet You - dim lights, specially selected music, energy support and guided visualization, correct questions, musical instruments - everything is in the right proportion for you so that you can go as deep as you are ready to. To be able to find the answers you are ready to accept at this particular moment.

With a personal session of Inner Guidance many varieties of issues can be resolved. Starting from relationship problems, ending with immersion to your past lives. The main goal of this Journey is to gain Integrity.