Freedom doesn't compared to your relationship or bank account status at all...

May 16, 2020

There is no difference between the one living in a golden castle with many wives and the one living on the street - if both accepted the idea that they can change/loose it all any moment.

In order to become free, you need to nothing to own you, nothing to hold you. And it's not about material things. People, ideas, situations, energies, opportunities, thoughts, feelings, emotions, lives - they come and they go. They change one another as seasons of the year.

And the moment when you start to grab, hold, expect, pretend - you become dependent.

The moment you afraid and you are running - you are not free.

The moment you are doing something you don't want to do in order to please someone who, you think, wants you to do this - you are not free.

Either a moment when you are not doing something you want being afraid to be rejected - you are not free.

You are not free when you are hiding something and when lying.

You are not free when you think and judge in social categories.

You are not free when you limit your own possibilities in your mind.

You are not free when you tell yourself you are not enough.

You are not free when you tell yourself the lie that being yourself can hurt you.

You are not free when you don't love yourself.

There is no freedom at all in every place where you meet evaluative perception, where you build the expectations, where you face the accentuation, where you create categorizations and where you feel a strong possession.

There is no freedom there where you are not self, not inward oriented.

And there, where is no freedom - there is no happiness.

So these two guys are synonyms. If you want to reach the state of happiness then you have to discover your own freedom, first of all.

I will tell you a secret: freedom is your natural state which comes with a birth-right. There just were a moment when you gave a right to others to define who you are and who you should be. I will help you to bring it back...

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