It is possible to break the heart only if it is frozen

May 16, 2020

Why do people use phrases such as «unhappy love» or «broken heart»? Does it true that love, which is a blessing of the universe, can be unhappy? Isn't love is something what we seek for all our live sometimes? But when we find it, we do everything to destroy its beauty... We hang their all their expectations, which are followed by disappointments, we put there all their past injuries and wounds, form new complexes and tie new karmic knots .... and then we run headlong to suffer . And then again we are looking for love to repeat. Pain is like a drug. Pain is non-love.

Love cannot be unhappy, love cannot bring disappointment, love is not identical with the desire to possess and hold, love is not about you, but it’s more about another person. Love is the energy of life that pervades all space around us. We are all here in a sake of love. But we are so often confuse love with everything that comes from the head, not from the heart. And if you will remove all that what is unnecessary, then only complete acceptance and pleasure will remain.

If we were not so passionate about sufferings and would not spend so much of our time and energy on it, what we could become?

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