There are people we thought do not exist, there are stories which will never repeat

October 11, 2019

After that you will timeless travel the world having boring discussions on useless dates. Half of your face will become more tough and lips corners will go down, you will get more wrinkles around your eyes and then will become one of those adults who are interested only in numbers.

If you will ask me why, i will answer: "When we find that what we were seeking for, we pass by because we got used more to seeking rather than gaining.

And next time when you will start searching for the explanations, reasons and justifications, i suggest you to look better into your fears. Ask yourself the most important question: "What i am searching for and what i am trying to escape? What do i afraid of and what do i desire?"

If answers will be the same, then i request you, please, take a time to stay here more for a while. Otherwise you may loose your destiny.

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