The most popular desire among people is to be liked, to be approved.

August 31, 2019

Unfortunately, it usually brings us to the wrong way. We are starting to dress and to act in a way as someone likeable already does. It lead us to a fact we are living in a place we don’t like to live in, working on a project which don’t inspire us and thus is not going so well and easy as it could be. Sometimes we even find ourselves waking up with a person we feel nothing to, but he remains in our bed because he has been approved by our parents or business partners.

The key is that while we are living not our own truth in order to be liked by others, we can never receive the approval and support we are seeking for. And even if we will be able to gain the success doing the job we don’t like to do, the price will be extremely high.

While we make choices driven by the fear of rejection, we stay disconnected from our source. And everything is starting to change when we find the courage to look into those parts of self we been rejecting before. We thought they will destroy us while they hold an amazing power within. Noone who walked the distance to himself never came back found he is not enough.

Once you enter the space called YOU and start expressing the way you want it to, people around you will start to admire you and will be inspired by you. The great love to yourself you will start to feel – will enlighten every space you will walk in. Some people won’t understand why but you will touch something deep in their hearts. There will be a few who will be jealous and some who can even hate you because you will point them into their weakness. But the risk to get a few enemies worth to the chance to inspire dozens to unmask their own greatness, isn’t it?

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