You are making an unbelievable impact on others when you truly love yourself.

August 25, 2019

Loving yourself doesn't mean spending a lot of money on dresses and expensive cars. Truly loving yourself means acceptance. It means giving yourself the permission to experience the passion. It means following your own desires and stepping out of the fear.

The most paradoxical thing here is that when you step out of the fear of rejection - you will always discover the opposite. You will start getting the respect and support. Instead of dreads and concerns - you will tend to meet the feelings and bright emotions. You will serve so much light that it will make others brave to start living their own truth as well.

Being yourself - the most expensive present you can give to yourself. Being happy - the most important thing what you can do to all those around you, to all those you love and those who are loving you, what will spread the happiness among every living creature on the Planet.

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